Monday, March 29, 2010

Things Ever Figure Skater Knows..

1. "One more time" does not mean one more time
2. Always bring tissues-Its awful when snot comes out of your nose during a spin
3. How to get food and keep ourselves entertained for hours between lessons
4. How to be be affirmative "EXCUSE ME!"
5. The fire in our feet after they have been cold for to long
6. How to be expressive!
7. How to make our bodies bend in crazy positions
8. The dresses aren't that short! we wear TIGHTS!
9. When you fall you get right back up!
10. Everybody has their place on the ice (better people rule the rink, beginners better stay back)
11. It is impossible to skating on the "Public Session"
12. Big thighs (sigh, this one is one of my least favorites)
13. The coaches that make you a better skater are the ones that are mean
14. How horrible it is when you tell someone that you ice skate and they ask "Are you good?" How am I supposed to answer that??
15. "CHECK!"

I saw this list on a fan site on facebook and had to post it on here.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

List O' Books

Hey guys! Here are the books that are on my list to read. :D
(The highlighted ones are the ones I just finished and crossed off my list)

1) Percy Jack & The Olympians: The Lightening Thief
2) Beautiful Creatures
3) The Magicians Nephew
4) Romeo & Juliet
5) Howls Moving Castle
6) The Rolling Stones
7) Brisngr
8) The Giver
9)Harriet The Spy
10) Little Women

I'll probably add on to the list later on.. but this is as far as i have got. :)


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Okay- So Who's With Me? :D

Today, as I do everyday I was reading all of Sparklifes new articles, that involve schoolwork and a plethora of crazy things. When I came upon an article called "What You Second Language Says About You". Well I've been always interested in French- always picking up phrases here or there from Cate.. I'm planning on doing it next year- when I saw them state something about a language called Klingon.. (Anna your going to like this).. I read on through the article where it was saying if you were studying Klingon as your second language you are basically a dork and have no life. HAHA. At the end they had a link to where you can learn Klingon- its pretty cool too! So I am going to attempt to learn Klingon.. :D

There's the link above.. ^_^


Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Misadventures of the Locker Room #1

Pranks & Tomfoolery

Most people feel claustrophobic when entering the tiny locker room. Which is totally understandable, but it also helps when we actually put our stuff in the lockers and under the benches. However, i have discovered another solution to the never endless constantly tripping over shoes and random crap. Duct Tape. I'm not quite sure why but we always have a good supply of duct tape and masking tape in there. So this is what you do:

1) You know those one pair of shoes your always tripping over? Well all you hafta do is grab them.
2) Then you get the duct tape.
3) Stand on top of the benches and simply tape the shoes to the ceiling, or the side of the wall near the top.

And wall'a! The shoes out of your way, plus it sends the message to the owner of the shoes not to leave them in the middle of the locker room to get trampled on. If you are to short to reach high enough to tape them, simply just ask a friend who is taller than you to do it for you. :D

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Introducing... my house! :D

You know you're at Memorial City Mall to much when...

1) When you know everybody there on a first name basis.. including the security guards and UPS guys.

2) When you take naps on the benches, or locker room at the rink.. (even though i don't suggest staying in the locker room for to long... you might die when you sleep from the fumes)

3) When you just walk into Panera's and you talk with the people that work their about the most recent Facebook posts.. (because you are all friends with them on there).

4) When you go do school work that involves a computer at the Apple store. XD

5) When you play musical soundtracks OVER and OVER on the loud sound system.

6) When you go down to the food court about lunch time and gather all the free samples for lunch.

7) When the kiosk people no better than to ask you to buy their products.

8) When you bring a blanket and tie it around your neck and run around like its a cape AND you don't get weird looks from any of the employees.

9) When you play hide 'n' seek through out the whole mall with fellow mall/rink rats.

10) When you know where all the electricity switches and buttons are.\

11) When you know all the passwords/passcodes/digits to turn things on.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

PSAT Survival Guide??

Last Saturday I spent most of my day at a random library in the middle of nowhere taking the PSAT. The questions were fairly easily, but it was just a very looooonnnggg test. Here is my survival guide for taking the PSAT, SAT, or any kind of test that your future depends on.

1) What To Wear.

Pants that are comfortable to sit in- for extended periods of time (not sweatpants though.. thats sloppy).
Hoodie, because for some reason they put a giant fan in the room that you are in, trying to freeze you out! Wait.. maybe that was a distraction test.. hmm.. >.> Well bring a hoodie anyways!
And where ANYTHING thats lucky. Lucky sneakers, bracelet, necklace, hoodie.. whatever works. I don't care if your superstitious or not just wear them anyway.

2) When You Get There.

You should always wear glasses of some sort.. even if you don't need them! :O They make you look really intelligent and make other kids nervous. >:)

3) Where to Sit.

Sometimes there is assigned seating, and there's nothing you can do about it. However, if there isn't take this to heart: NEVER SIT IN THE VERY BACK. Why not sit in the very back, you ask? In todays culture it is common for girls to wear low cut jeans/pants and guys to just let there pants droop everywhere. But most people don't realize this, but when they sit down people behind them get the FULL VIEW OF EVERYTHING. My eyes were burning. I swear i think nearly everyone was "cracking a smile" at me. 0_0

4) Taking the Test.

Okay this is actually the easiest part of the experience.. and the most fun. XD UNLESS you happen to be very good at taking tests and you finish 10-15 minutes before the timer is up. >.<>

5) During break time.

Bring a very large hard to read novel or book for some "light reading" to intimidate your fellow test takers. Or you can pull out a notebook and start drawing out a plan that looks similar to the "Italian Job" (bank robbers) and when people look over you shoulder to see what you doing, hiss and say that they mustn't know or you are going to hafta kill them.

6) The Test Is Finally Finished
Thankfully, if you finish the test before the time's up you can leave, and not wait for everyone else to finish. XP Then to get all the energy that was stored up after the 3 hour long test, burst out of the building screaming "FREEDOMMMM!!" :) Then run around doing the chicken dance.

PSAT Survival Guide: Part 2

1) Listening To The Princeton Review
Okay, when you come back to get your scores you usually hafta sit there for about an hour listening to some Princeton Review representative talk about its okay if you fail because its one stinkin test.. blah blah blah... >.<>

2) *scary music* SCORES
Okay just to be clear, its okay if you don't do that great, because most likely you went into this test cold and didn't have a clue what was going to be on it. Even if you didn't do great simply mutter to yourself loud enough for your neighbor next to you "Dang it, i didn't make my goal of 2400 points by 200 points :/". Just to intimidate them... its especially funny if they thought they did good and they only got 1500.. XD.

Leave casually, then go show parents scores. But before you leave say out loud nonchalantly- "Not bad for doing this in my sleep". Thats pretty much it. XD

Leave a comment telling me what you think of my little PSAT survival guide that i threw together for ya'll.. I'll probably add on to it later on.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Avril Lavigne in Wonderland

Hey guys, here is the new single from Tim Burton's remake of the classic: Alice In Wonderland. It's called Alice and its sang by Avril Lavigne. :) What do you guys think about it? :D