Monday, March 29, 2010

Things Ever Figure Skater Knows..

1. "One more time" does not mean one more time
2. Always bring tissues-Its awful when snot comes out of your nose during a spin
3. How to get food and keep ourselves entertained for hours between lessons
4. How to be be affirmative "EXCUSE ME!"
5. The fire in our feet after they have been cold for to long
6. How to be expressive!
7. How to make our bodies bend in crazy positions
8. The dresses aren't that short! we wear TIGHTS!
9. When you fall you get right back up!
10. Everybody has their place on the ice (better people rule the rink, beginners better stay back)
11. It is impossible to skating on the "Public Session"
12. Big thighs (sigh, this one is one of my least favorites)
13. The coaches that make you a better skater are the ones that are mean
14. How horrible it is when you tell someone that you ice skate and they ask "Are you good?" How am I supposed to answer that??
15. "CHECK!"

I saw this list on a fan site on facebook and had to post it on here.

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